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Kinship Care
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Kinship Care Services

(in Sacramento, Butte, Placer, Napa and Sonoma Counties -- services vary at each office; please contact the Kinship office closest to you for more information)

"I didn't have anyone to turn to when my daughter went to jail and I took in my three grandchildren. From getting them enrolled in school, to finding a pediatrician, to dealing with their anger issues… I needed a lot of help. Thank you Lilliput for the support you offered me through the KSSP program. I am very grateful and my grandchildren are getting the help they need." - KSSP client


Kinship Care is relatives taking care of their family or kin. Relative placement, adopting relatives, Grandparents taking care of grandchildren, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, grandparent adoptions.

What is Kinship?

A kinship care arrangement is when children are living full time with their grandparents, other relatives, or near relatives (such as family friends, God Parents, etc), and these adults have taken on the parental role for the children. Sometimes kinship care is temporary, and sometimes it becomes a permanent family arrangement, possibly leading to legal guardianship or adoption.

What is KSSP?

An example of Kinship Care is when grandparents end up taking care of their grandchildren because their children are unable to.KSSP (Kinship Support Services Program) is a FREE state funded program designed to provide qualifying California Counties with resources to improve the support of and outcomes for families formed through kinship care. Lilliput is the private agency that administers KSSP in partnership with Sacramento, Placer, Butte, Napa and Sonoma Counties.

What is the Need?

It is estimated that over 600,000 grandparents in California are raising their grandchildren, which gives California the highest such number in the nation. In addition to grandparents, other relatives find themselves raising children adding to this alarming national trend.

How KSSP Helps

Lilliput's Kinship Support Services Program (KSSP) is designed to provide support to kinship families, particularly those formed voluntarily and informally (without the assistance of a child welfare agency). We understand that kinship families are often formed suddenly and out of crisis. No one is ever prepared for this type of situation and that's where KSSP can help. Think of KSSP as your "one stop" kinship shop. Our trained staff is there to meet your needs and answer you questions, or help you find someone who can.

KSSP provides support to relative caregivers who are struggling with the challenges of raising kin, and to those families who want to connect with other families in their same situation. Through outreach and collaboration with other community based organizations, Lilliput is uniquely positioned to offer the following support services in Butte, Napa, Sonoma, and Sacramento Counties (services vary at each office; please contact the office closest to you for more information):

Kinship Care is relatives taking care of relativesImpact on the Children

  • Relative foster placements are more stable than placements with unrelated foster families.
  • Siblings are less likely to be separated.
  • Children maintain community, cultural, and family connections.
  • Relatives are often willing to adopt or become permanent guardians when reunification is not possible.

Impact on our community

Seeking to strengthen the family unit and prevent children from entering the child welfare system, KSSP is preventative in nature, and works to keep children safely within their extended families. By receiving kinship support services, these families thrive and juvenile homelessness, delinquency, teenage pregnancy, alcohol/drug abuse and incarceration is drastically reduced.

Where KSSP Services are Offered

KSSP is currently offered with Sacramento, Placer, Butte, Napa, and Sonoma Counties. With multiple public and private agency partnerships, we are able to provide comprehensive and easily accessible services to those in need. Services vary at each office; please contact office closest to you for more information.

Recommended Resource Web Links and Reading List

Lilliput maintains a very helpful Recommended Reading List for Kinship Care providers as well as a list of quality online web links for Kinship Care to help you in a variety of ways.

Do you have more Questions?

Please contact us!

You can also access our Kinship Program's Facebook page.

Interested in volunteering? Contact your local kinship office (see above) for more information.


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