2020 is almost here! Have you thought about your resolutions yet? We've put together a list of our favorite 10 Family Resolutions for the New Year. Family resolutions are a fantastic way to help springboard your family into the new year! 

1. Develop a weekly ritual and stick with it.

Make it a point to make dinner every night together as a family and clean up as a team! Your family's weekly rituals can fun to, designate a movie night each week and watch some of the classics from your childhood. Pro tip: a popcorn station and sundae bar are great additions to any movie night!

2. Take a day off from school and work to spend the day together.

It seems like our weekends are more busy than our work and school weeks. With birthday parties, sporting events and family outings, I feel like I just need a break from weekend! Take a day off once in awhile to play hooky with the family. Go do something completely out your family's routine and spend the day together. Maybe you can wait for report cards to come out and after a hectic time at work, play hooky and take the whole family to an amusement park!

3. Take more time to say hello and goodbye every day.

This is one of my favorite, I think we could all take a few extra minutes each day to actually giving your loved ones a warm greeting and farewell each day. As you leave in the morning, don't just rush out with a quick wave, take a moment to actually give a warm hug, a kiss and a heartfelt “I love you”.

4. Make a plan to volunteer on a routine basis.

Get together as a family to write down some different ways you want to give back to your community and then figure out how to make it happen.

5. Start a family exercise routine.

Establish some health goals for the whole family, create plan and then make it a routine. You don't have to go out and sign up for a gym membership, there's plenty of really fun ways to get out and get fit. You could start a neighborhood kid ball league once a week. Or you could make it a routine to go out and hike a new trail every Saturday, rain or shine!

6. Eat healthier.

Just like working out, set some goals, make a plan and create a routine. My pro tip is to plan ahead of time and prep as much as you can. Try to make it fun by dividing up the work among the whole family and creating challenges, like trying to cook one new dish a week.

7. No technology Tuesday!

Pick one day of the week and make it a point to not use any technology once everyone gets home. Instead of catching up on TV shows, sit around the table and play a game with the family or maybe go out for a walk. The activities are endless, just no technology. If that's a bit to daring, you could start small with making a strict rule of no technology while eating dinner.

8. Stop texting and driving.

Seriously. We all know the dangers, but yet millions of people still do it.

9. Take steps to become more eco-friendly as a family.

Get your children involved in recycling, teach them to always turn off the water while they brush their teeth, and make sure everyone flips off the lights when they leave a room.

10. Make an emergency plan.

Depending on where you live, an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, or any other natural disaster could happen at any moment, so make sure your family is prepared. Sit down as a family to discuss the possible outcomes, come up with a plan of action and practice it! Being prepared and knowing what to do in case of an emergency is half the battle.