With the kids out of school and long, hot summer days ahead of us, it's time to think about all those fun family activities that you finally get to do! Summer brings all sorts of joyful opportunities, and is one of those times where you can create lasting family memories. 

12 Fun Things to Do with Your Kids This Summer, That the Whole Family Will Enjoy: 

Clean up trash at a park in your neighborhood . This is a great way to get your whole family outside for the day and teach your children about civic responsibility. 

Backyard fort night with cardboard boxes – Turn your backyard into a cardboard paradise and let your children (and your) imagination run wild. Cardboard boxes are always plentiful, just go down to your local grocery or appliance store and ask for their old boxes. And you could also purchase them at your local home improvement store. 

Host a backyard luau – Invite your family and friends, BBQ, play some games, play music, have a hula contest and top it off with a backyard campfire and s'mores.

Water balloon fight – on those really hot days, grab the whole family, fill up a bunch (the more the better) of water balloons and go at it. You can divide everyone into teams, play a capture the flag format, or just go nuts in a battle royal! Pro tip, keep your water balloons in an ice chest with ice water to keep them cool. 

Play giant hopscotch or twister –  Make a giant hopscotch or Twister game on the lawn (with spray paint) or driveway (with chalk).

Visit a farmer's market – Create a mini scavenger hunt looking for rare finds and unique treasures!

Evening picnic at a local park – Take the day to prepare everything and go have dinner outside in a park picnic style. This is a fun way to break the normal routine and get outdoors!

Go rent kayaks or canoes – Spend the day on the water in a kayak or a canoe, this is one the whole family will enjoy. Most lakes will rent kayaks or canoes relativity cheap for the day. 

Go for a nature walk – Collect unique objects along the way and then make a collage from the items you find.

Plant a garden of herbs and veggies – This is a great hobby the whole family can pick up and it's a great way to show your children the rewards of hard work.

Go biking on a trail – This one is a classic, load up your bicycles and go explore somewhere new with the whole family. 

Sidewalk chalk day with the whole neighborhood – Make a sidewalk chalk mural and invite the neighbor kids to join in on the fun. If you don't like chalk, have an outdoor painting party using huge canvases or cardboard.