It’s no surprise that the holidays are a bit different this year, and that’s all the more reason we should ramp up the festivities while staying safe at home. Here’s a list of 15 fun and budget friendly stay at home holiday activities. 

1. Holiday Movie Night
Simply pick out your favorite holiday movies, make some popcorn and gather around the TV for a fun festive movie night. 

2. Make Homemade Garland
All you need is a needle and yarn, popcorn and cranberries to make a classic strand of homemade garland for your tree.

3. Wrap The Front Door
With a bit of wrapping paper from the dollar store and either a ribbon or bow, your front door is transformed into a giant gift!

4. Holiday Light Tour
This one is an easy and safe way to get out of the house. Load up the family in the car and drive around looking at all of the festive holiday lights in your area.

5. Make A Gingerbread House
Grab a kit or make your own, just be sure to stock up on plenty of candy and frosting to decorate with (... and maybe to eat as well)!

6. Participate In A Holiday Toy Drive
A great way to get the entire family in the holiday spirit is to donate a toy for a holiday toy drive. Learn more about our annual Toy Shop Holiday Toy Drive.

7. Handmade Ornaments
There are a ton of ways to make homemade ornaments, cardboard cuts are my all time favorite. It’s a fun tradition to start and a great memory to look back on year after year.

8. Make Paper Snowflakes
Paper, scissors and some strategic folds and cuts are all that are required for the beautiful creations that will soon grace your windows or walls.

9. Family Slumber Party Under The Christmas Tree
Who doesn't love ‘camping’ indoors, grab pillows and blankets and spend the night sleeping underneath your christmas tree.

10. Decorate With Paper Chains
Simply cut and glue strips of colored paper together in interlocking rings to create a festive decorative paper chain.

11. Holiday Dress Up Party
Wear your holiday best, let your kids choose the meal, light a couple of candles, turn down the lights and enjoy a special night.

12. Send Holiday Cards
Here’s a great way to feel connected to your extended family this holiday season. Make holiday cards and get the whole family involved, taking turns writing a special holiday note to all of your loved ones you won’t see this holiday season.

13. Bake Holiday Cookies
Baking is a fun way to get the whole family together in the kitchen and you can extend the fun with decorating all of your baked treats.

14. Holiday Game Night
Grab your favorite family games and add a little holiday twist for a fun and festive evening. 

15. Gift Wrapping Night
Get the whole family involved in the gift wrapping this year!