The holidays are here and that means gift shopping! It's always hard to know what's in trend, especially with kids toys. So that's why we put together this comprehensive list of the 20 top kids toys for Christmas! Any of these toys will also make great Toy Shop gifts!

1) Hot Wheels Mario Tracks. Let Mario zoom through the mushroom kingdom at high speed in this new real life match car style adventure.

2) Juno the Elephant. She is a cute robotic elephant that 's development is dependent on the amount of interaction you give her.

3) Balls of any kind. Balls can be played with by children and adults of all ages and are a toy that will be played with all year.

4) Frozen 2 came out this year, so anything from Elsa to Olaf. But, especially the Little People's Frozen Ice Castle, which of course plays “Let It Go”.

5) Treasure Seekers Pirate Ship. High seas adventures on this collapsible play set. It comes with an octopus, a pirate, a treasure chest and canon, with its own realistic sound effects.

6) Tumbling Hedgehog, a tiny robotic pet that will perform tricks such as rolling, spinning, and running around.

7) Games. Make fun memories of the family playing board games together, and some of the classics are still available like Twister, Monopoly and Connect 4.

8) Pictionary Light Pen. A new twist on a family favorite. Necessitates the use of a an iPad or Samsung tablet or a cell phone and allows the performer to draw in the air instead of on paper.

9) Stem Toys. These are tiny buildable robots and cars that can do tasks. The inventor is your child and they have the ability to program the machine.

10) Baby Alive. It is a timeless classic, but also a new iteration for this year. It has more highly functioning robotics that allow for lifelike movement and of course the classic bottle feeding.

11) K'NEX Dragon's Revenge Thrill Coaster. A buildable roller coaster that the family can enjoy building together. A dangerous dragon sits on top as your little people go screaming down to the bottom.

12) Playdough. Who doesn’t love the smell of playdough! So many fun creations to be made and your child’s creativity gets to run wild in the process.

13) Star Wars comes out this holiday season, so anything Star Wars related. And this year be on the lookout for anything related to “The Mandalorian” or “Jedi”. Baby Yoda is a huge hit right now, and adorable.

14) Candy Locks Dolls. They come packaged with eighteen inches of hair wrapped around them. This way your little one gets to discover which one she received as she unravels the surprise character.

15) Legos, Legos, Legos. Boys and girls love to build things and there are plenty of sets for both. From Star Wars to Frozen, Legos have the added bonus of stimulating creativity.

16) Scrub and Play Smart Sink. This is probably for three to six year olds. It sports a handful of lights, sounds and colored puzzles that teach motor and cognitive function.

17) Tech Mods. The opportunity to build your own remote control car. You can build it from the chassis up. They are futuristic in style and very cool. They have a one hundred foot antenna range to boot!

18) Play Kitchen sets. These never go out of style, both little boys and girls love to play house and what better way than a pretend kitchenette? This is also a highly requested toy item here at Lilliput and there is no wonder it made it into my 20 Top Kids Toys for Christmas.

19) Cubby The Curious Bear. This is supposed to be a top seller this year. He can laugh, play music, and play games. He also has emotions which involve growling and music. 

20) Puzzles. Kids and adults alike still enjoy puzzles. They are a great break from the cacophony of a busy house and stimulate upper cognitive abilities, especially vision-spatial awareness.

Overall, there are many options this year when toy shopping for kids, hopefully this list helps you narrow down your choices. If you don't have a child to buy for, don't worry you can still toy shop for our children in foster care. We're currently taking toy donations for our annual holiday toy drive, Toy Shops!