For many Easter is a symbol of new life, a time to celebrate with family and friends as we welcome new beginnings and warm weather! There are many fun games and activities to celebrate Easter, including: Decorating Eggs: Dyeing, painting, and personalizing Easter eggs is a fun craft project all ages can enjoy. Here's five fun family activities to celebrate Easter that the whole family can enjoy.


1. Easter Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a great way to get everyone outside and it’s a fun way to get everyone involved. You can ask your older kids to help put together the clues for the younger kids or pair an older kid with a younger kid to work in teams. Either way, scavenger hunts are a lot of fun and a great family activity. Check out this article for some scavenger hunt tips!


2. Egg and Spoon Race

This good old-fashioned outdoor game is the perfect way to get the whole family involved! Egg and spoon races date back to the late 1800s. All you need are eggs (hard-boiled are the least messy) and metal or wooden spoons for each participant. Race individually or relay-style.


3. Easter Gardening

Easter symbolizes rebirth, so what better day to plant some tulips and daffodils with your budding gardener? Fall is technically the season to plant bulbs in most regions, but you can plant them indoors any time of year, or buy flowers already in bloom and transplant them outdoors on Easter.


4. Prepare Easter Brunch or Dinner together

Involve your kids in the kitchen by letting them make meal or dessert items for your Easter feast. Keep things really easy and buy biscuits or buns at your local bakery for your family to make into strawberry shortcakes (by adding sliced berries and whipped cream) or hot cross buns (by marking with a cross in frosting) — two traditional favorites on Easter.


5. For the older kiddos, do an Easter egg hunt!

While the little kids hunt for candy and toys on Easter morning, plan a similar Easter egg hunt for the older kids when the sun goes down! Glow in the dark eggs can be stuffed with small sums of money, beauty products, headphones, jerky, and other small prizes that they will enjoy. Assign each tween and teen a color of egg to search for so that you can tailor the goodies to appeal to each of your children.