There is no doubt that Halloween will look a bit different this year, but that doesn't mean we still can’t have fun with it. Here are our top 5 Fun Socially-Distanced Halloween Activities to help safely celebrate Halloween during the Covid-19! 

Wear Your Costume All Weekend
What better way to get in the spirit of Halloween than to wear your costume (or costumes) the entire weekend. And the great thing about Halloween being on a Saturday this year, is that you can celebrate all weekend long! You can designate one night to be themed costume night and another night a DIY costume night.

Virtual Costume Contest
Reach out to your friends and family to set up a virtual costume contest over Zoom. You can have everyone meet on Zoom and give each participant a couple of minutes to showcase their costumes. Hold a silent vote for the top three winners by asking everyone to privately send their top three in the chat. 

Carve Pumpkins
This is a classic, but it never gets old. This year make it extra special and print carving templates, paint faces and go all out to carve the best pumpkin ever! If you want to up the ante, reach out to your neighbors and ask everyone to place their carved pumpkins on their porch so that everyone can walk around admiring the spookiness!

Bake & Decorate Halloween Cookies
Bust out those baking supplies and grab the entire family to make spooky Halloween cookies this weekend. You can use your favorite sugar cookie recipe (or use this simple sugar cookie recipe) or you can pick up some pre-made cookies from the store. Be sure to get colored frosting (or food coloring with white frosting), sprinkles and Halloween cookie cutters. The more decoration tools/ingredients the better.

Halloween Feast Capped Off With A Halloween Movie Marathon
Prepare the best Halloween feast you can imagine, set the table with spooky accessories, make invitations for your children and get dressed in your Halloween best. End the night with a fun Halloween movie marathon filled with candy corn, popcorn and spooky treats.