Becoming a Resource/Adoptive Parent isn’t for everyone, but we can all do something to help the more than 400,000+ children in the United States foster care system.

Children in foster care usually arrive at their resource parent’s home with little to nothing, other than the clothes on their backs and maybe a small bag of possessions. A lot of times, resource parents will pay more out of pocket than the state provides, just buying them all of the essentials so they can live comfortably. To help with this burden, agencies like ours try to collect as many items as they can for these children, but we still fall short. Monetary donations to your local foster to adoption agency are almost always exhausted immediately.

If you have a heart for children in foster care, but being a foster parent isn’t possible for you, you can fight for the rights and well-being of the more than 400,000+ children in the United States foster care system. You can do this by simply raising awareness and being a champion for our societies most vulnerable. Learn about where the system falls short. Talk to foster parents and read their stories of former foster children, listen when you hear about foster care on the news, and reach out to your local agencies to ask questions. Then, use your voice to educate others about what you’ve learned and spread the word on how they can get involved.

Start a fundraiser with your friends and family to raise money for children in foster care. You could start a crowdfunding campaign on social media, ask friends and family to donate on behalf of your birthday, or start a contribution matching campaign with your friends (i.e. donate $100 and challenge 10 friends to donate $100). Fundraisers with matching contributions are a great way to maximize and exponentially increase your monetary donation. 

This one is HUGE! Whenever and wherever you can talk about the children in foster care, please do. Word of mouth is still the best way to get our cause out there. The more people that know about the 400,000+ children in the United States foster care system, the better. Educate yourself on the stats around foster to adoption, the needs, and direct people to agencies like ours in your community.

You can leave a long lasting legacy that will help children in foster care year after year. Planned giving is a gift in your will or trust to Lilliput Families to support our current and future children in foster care. You do not have to be wealthy or of any particular age to consider planned giving. If you are interested in learning more, please visit our Planned Giving page for more information.