If you’re new to this you may be asking yourself, what is foster care awareness month? May is National Foster Care Awareness Month, a time to recognize that we can each play a part in enhancing the lives of children and youth in foster care. Starting in 1988, U.S. Presidents issued annual proclamations in recognition of National Foster Care Month to show appreciation and gratitude to foster parents across the nation. Back in 2017, National Foster Care Awareness Day was established to increase awareness surrounding the needs of children in foster care and how we as a community could get involved to improve the system. With more than 65,000 kids in the California foster care system, they need us now more than ever! So in the spirit of Foster Care Awareness Month, here is our list of five ways you can participate this month!

Become a Foster Parent
There are nearly 430,000 children in foster care in the United States. In California alone, there are more than 65,000 children currently waiting to find the security and comfort of a lifelong family. What better way to get involved during National Foster Care Awareness Month than to adopt a child and give them a family of their own! The first step in the adoption process is to sign up for our next orientation class where you will learn more about becoming an adoptive parent.

Donate in the spirit of Foster Care Awareness Month
One of the best ways to participate in Foster Care Awareness Month is to help us raise money so that we can continue to make sure that every child has the opportunity to be part of a family of their own. For the past 40 years, we have been advocating for children in foster care, and since 1980 have placed over 10,000 children with permanent families. With your help we can continue to place more children with safe, nurturing and lifelong families. Make a donation in the spirit of Foster Care Awareness Month!

Talk to Friends and Spread The Word
When you’re talking with friends and family, tell them about all the things you’ve read in this article. Share the stories, spotlights and stats from our site with them. Know a family member who’s thinking about starting a family through adoption? Why not bring up the topic of adopting from foster care? At the end of the day our goal is to spread awareness about foster care and shed some light on the people involved, so every conversation helps!

Recognize All Those in the Foster Care Industry
The social workers, resource families, agency staff and all other people in the foster care/adoption industry work so hard to protect our most vulnerable population everyday, and usually with very little recognition. Take this month to reach out to these people to thank them and spread the word. Share articles on how they make a difference, learn about what motivates adoptive parents and take some time to put yourself in the shoes of a social worker.

Wear a Blue Ribbon (or Promote the Blue Ribbon)
Lastly, this one is simple, just wear a blue ribbon in support of Foster Care Awareness Month. The blue ribbon is the official symbol for National Foster Care Awareness Month, and it’s a great way to start a conversation. Ultimately a conversation helps spread the word and raise awareness! Simply wearing a blue ribbon or promoting a blue ribbon graphic on social media profiles will do wonders.

During the COVID-19 public health crisis, our services have continued uninterrupted. Our children and families need us, and we need YOU, now more than ever. Your donations will help assure that our children and families are safe and supported during this most critical time.