With lights going up and holiday music taking over the radios, it's safe to say that the holiday season has arrived! The holidays are always full of fun festivities, it's a time of year children really look forward to. Whether it's holiday cartoons, fun family traditions, the endless amounts of treats and of course presents, there is no denying it, the holidays are very important to all those kiddos out there. Keep in mind though, that not all children have parents who will ensure that they will have a magical holiday. This is especially true for those children in foster care. This is why we need your help in making the holidays brighter for our children in foster care. Here's 6 ways you can help a child in foster care during the holiday season.

Make a Holiday Monetary Donation

The quickest and easiest way you can help a child in foster care during the holidays, is to make a simple monetary donation. Your generous donations allow us to lead the way to find more safe, loving, lifelong homes for children in the State of California - changing the trajectory of their lives and improving their chances of becoming successful, contributing members of our communities. Every child deserves to be in a loving home, especially during the holidays, and your donation helps us provide that for them.

Donate a Present to a Child in Foster Care

This one is also pretty easy and festive, in fact we already have a holiday toy drive in place called Toy Shops. To participate, simply bring a new and unwrapped gift to one of our offices or have it directly shipped from Amazon to us. We actually have an Amazon wishlist setup with some popular items our kiddos have been requesting, simply purchase a gift from that list and Amazon will take care of the rest!

Volunteer Your Time During The Holiday Season

We're always looking for volunteers around the holiday season, our Toy Shops always need "busy little helpers" to assist our offices with wrapping, serving food, passing out gifts and cleaning up. Keep in mind, that once the holiday season is over, we can always use extra help with our fundraising events. If you would like to volunteer at one of our events or for one of our programs, please contact us at community.relations@wayfinderfamily.org and we will provide you with more information.

Organize a Festive Workplace Giving

Make things festive around your office this year, by encouraging your coworkers to give back this holiday season. Organizing a workplace donation drive is pretty easy, reach out to us at at community.relations@wayfinderfamily.org and we can lend you a hand. 

Leave a Holiday Legacy

Planned giving is a simple, yet flexible way to ensure your charitable intentions continue for years to come. Imagine you can spread holiday cheer every year even long after you're gone. If you are interested in learning more about planned giving please visit our Planned Giving Page for more information.

Give The Best Holiday Gift Of Them All!

Every child deserves the support of a loving family and the holiday season is just one example of how that love  and support can mean to world to someone. Without that family support, the consequences can be insurmountable as that child grows older. You can make a difference and this holiday could be your time! Learn more about our foster to adoption service today

Investing in our children today will positively impact our communities tomorrow. All donations and gifts are tax-deductible, as allowed by law. Every dollar counts, and we make sure to use all contributions wisely to support our work with children and families. Make a donation here.