With the days getting shorter and the nights getting even colder, it's beginning to feel a lot like the holiday season! This unique and special time of year brings us all together to celebrate our favorite holidays, partake in those age old traditions and of course bring in a New Year! What makes this season so special, is that everyone and everything kind of slows down for awhile and time spent with loved ones becomes the most important priority. Whether you're watching a classic holiday movie, enjoying the company of your friends & family, or just getting cozy by the fire to play a game, there's no doubt that your whole clan is doing it together! We put a list together of 8 Fun and Festive Holiday Activities that will for sure get you and your loved ones in that winter holiday spirit!

  1. Have a baking day. This is a great activity everyone can enjoy, from the prep work to the clean up, you can get the whole family involved. Best of all, you'll have wonderful baked goods to eat and share!
  2. Cozy up by the fire to play board games or assemble a puzzle, an activity the whole family can enjoy.
  3. Nothing gets you in the spirit like volunteering! A great way to spread your holiday cheer is to go out and volunteer in your local community. This is a great activity for the whole family and an even better way to give back.
  4. Take a day trip to the snow! One of the best parts of winter is the snow and there's a lot of activities the whole family can participate in. You can build a snowman together, have a friendly snow ball fight, or conquer the slopes in a snow sled! Whatever it is, you'll be together and outside.
  5. Go for a drive  to look at lights. Grab some hot chocolate, pack some snacks and pile in the family car to explore your local community for the best light displays!
  6. Holiday movie marathon! On those really cold days, just snuggle up on the couch and watch your favorite holiday movies.
  7. Ice skating, ice skating, ice skating! A classic winter tradition, whether it's at your local park, downtown plaza or local indoor rink, ice skating is always a fun activity the whole family can enjoy.
  8. Take some time to learn about another holiday tradition from a different culture. This one is great, because is opens you up to other cultures and it's a great activity to do with your children to teach them about something different.