The piece below was written by one of our families who Lilliput serves. This father sent in a letter to show his gratification for Lilliput Families and share a bit about his journey on reconnecting with one of his sons through our Family Finding services.

My name is Michael, and I want to share my story with you about how Lilliput Families has changed my life and gave me back my son.

After completing my missionary work, I met my wife and we had two beautiful sons; Andrew and Joey*. Unfortunately, when the boys were 4 and 2 years old, we divorced due to irreconcilable religious beliefs. My ex-wife received full custody of our boys and eventually remarried and relocated across the country. Communication with my sons became increasingly difficult and eventually ceased. No matter how hard I or my family tried, nothing was working, and I felt hopeless that I would ever see or speak with my children again.

Until one day, my sister contacted me and shared that she had received a letter from Lilliput Families, an agency located in California regarding Family Finding Services. When she called the social worker and was asked if she knew a youth who may be in foster care, her 17-year-old nephew was the only one she could think of. Joey was in trouble and was crying out for help. Through tears and excitement, we learned that Joey needed his family and wanted to know if we would be interested in resuming contact. Our tight-knit family was elated at the news and could not respond quickly enough with pictures, letters, and care packages.

Shikha Kumar, our Lilliput Family Finding social worker who we have affectionately named “Our Angel,” worked tirelessly to orchestrate consistent communication. Years of questions were being answered and healing was beginning for Joey. After six months from initial contact, we had permission for Joey to visit the family in Florida. My son was coming home after fifteen years!

Shortly after Joey reconnected with us he moved to Florida to be with us. While the family was finally beginning to come back together, my father became gravely ill. He and Joey were able to spend quality time together prior to his passing. So not only had Shikha and Lilliput Families given me my son back, but a dying wish was granted - for a grandfather to see his grandchild before he left this world.

In preparation of my father’s funeral, Joey helped me put photos together for the service and he reflected that in doing so, he felt like he had lost his childhood. He wasn’t in many of the pictures and he felt like he had missed out on so much. Even though his grandparents had kept his toddler picture in their hallway, we all had missed out on watching him grow through his childhood. I told him we have this life now and we’re going to make lots of new, wonderful memories and take as many pictures as he wanted. He wants to go to school to become a photographer, or an engineer or maybe an attorney! He tells me frequently, “I’ll never leave you”, and I tell him not to worry, as I’ll always be here. We hope that someday soon, when he is ready, his brother can make his way back as well.

Joey is doing fabulously! He now has a job and enjoys taking his grandmother out to lunch and spending time with our extended family as they get to know each other all over again. Our family had almost given up hope that they would ever see my sons again but are so blessed and thankful to have Joey back in our lives! A possibility made only because of Shikha and the Family Finding services from Lilliput Families.

Lilliput and our social worker Shikha, stepped in and found a way for my son to find a path that brought him back to family, love, guidance and stability.

*Joey’s name has been changed for confidentiality