Jigsaw Puzzles! My family enjoys putting out a semi-permanent table for the Holidays and setting puzzles on it. This is a great activity that anyone can do as they are passing by the kitchen or entry way, and it's a great way to get the family together as a group. Piece by piece, the picture comes together and just as quickly as we place the last piece, we start another one. I suggest Holiday themes, of course. Kids lean toward puzzles that represent paintings or drawings and the adults lean toward photographs. Either way, this is a good way for the family to engage in conversation as it is one of my favorite holiday activities.

Singing. Whether or not your family is musical in the classical sense, try singing together this holiday season. You don't need a piano. You can throw on Pandora, or even find specific tunes that you like using YouTube. Just play it loud and sing right along. The app Soundhound also allows for you to read the lyrics with whatever is playing as though you knew all of the words. It's kind of like your own personal karaoke machine!

Holiday Portraits! Family photos are a great way to capture any event and it's a great way to get everyone involved too. You can do this every year around the holidays to capture the family through the years. It's fun to look back and see how much the family has grown.

Here are some other holiday activities for the whole family that you can do: holiday decorating, especially putting up outdoor lights. Go out holiday shopping with the whole family, you never know what magical holiday figure you might run into! It's always fun doing holiday themed crafts like, making paper chains and snowflakes. Try a downtown winter street fair or a festive lighting celebration. Maybe you could even take the whole family to the snow to have a snowball fight, go sledding or build a snowman.