Frequently Asked Questions

About the Resource Family Approval Process


What is Lilliput Families?
We are a private, non-profit agency licensed by the state of California to provide treatment foster care and adoption services.

What is a Resource Family? How do you become a one?
Resource family is the new term for a foster/adoptive family in the state of California. The process, now called Resource Family Approval (RFA), includes Orientation, a Consultation meeting, completing the application process, and documentation of compliance with state regulations. See out full RFA process timeline here.

Where are Orientations held?
Orientations are held in Sacramento, South Sacramento, Chico, and Martinez.

What are the advantages of being a Resource Family with Lilliput Families?
We offer training through ongoing classes and parents groups. Our social workers provide support services in the home. There is one social worker for every 15 children. As a small agency, you are integral part.

Are there fees for Lilliput's services?
Lilliput Families does not charge a fee for families in the foster/adoption program, RFA. There are also no fees for adoption placement or post-placement work. There are live scan fees that are $64 per person (this fee is non-refundable). Some costs, on a varying basis, are reimbursable upon finalization of adoption (i.e., actual rolling fees for finger printing/live scans and CPR/First Aid).

What financial support does Lilliput Families provide?
Depending on the child's age, monthly financial support based on LOC (level of care), determined by the state, while the child is in foster care (note: Monthly Foster Care payments are contingent upon state regulated rates and subject to change without notice). This is used to cover all the child's expenses except for medical expenses, which are covered by Medi-Cal. Once a child is adopted, families are eligible for the Adoption Assistance Program (AAP) which provides financial assistance, including help with medical care, until the child is age 18.

What are the requirements to be a Resource Family?
The requirements, which are mandated by the state regulations, intend to insure a child will be in a safe and nurturing environment. Anyone who can meet all these requirements and assessments will be approved. Among other requirements, you must have adequate bed space in your home, able to show proof you are financially sound, have a desire to provide permanency, and will comply with all agency and state policies. For more information about RFA requirements read this.

What is adequate bed space?
Up to four children may share a bedroom and each must have his/her own bed. Children sharing over the age of eight (8) must be the same gender or siblings.

Join at for our next Resource Family orientation. Signing up for an orientation class is not a commitment to become a resource family, it's simply a place for you to come and learn more about the process and to see if it may be a good fit for your family.