This holiday season, change the future with us! Stories from Tianna, Rosa and Dennis show the impact of your support on our children and families. As part of Wayfinder Family Services, Lilliput’s impact has expanded and together, we are stronger than ever.

Tianna's Story
Tianna wanted to be a mother, but after unsuccessful attempts, she thought this would never happen for her. Then she found Lilliput, a part of Wayfinder, which was happy to help Tianna adopt to become a single mom. We introduced Tianna to 2-year-old Marshawn, and they began to get to know each other. One day, Marshawn arrived at Tianna’s house for a visit needing a nap. Tianna held him till he fell asleep on her shoulder. “He was a chunky butterball, and my arms were hurting,” Tianna says. “It was a special thing to hold this child who had enough trust to fall asleep in my arms. When I held him in my arms, I cried happy tears. I tell him I fell in love with him at that moment.” Marshawn likes to hear this story every day, and when it’s over, he says, “Tell me again!” In February 2021, Tianna adopted Marshawn. They celebrated with a backyard barbecue featuring all of Marshawn’s favorite foods.
“I am very thankful that I get to be his mom. It’s the most important thing that has happened in my life.”

Our Foster Care and Adoption program found loving homes for 662 children across the state last year.

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Rosa's Family Story
Seven years ago, Rosa got word that her daughter Ysabel’s six young children were being left alone at home. “Ysabelused to be a great mom,” Rosa says. “But her husband started beating her and left her. She started doing drugs.” At Ysabel’s request, and to Rosa’s delight, the children came to live with their grandmother. Rosa is a kinship caregiver—a relative who steps up to raise children when parents cannot. Lilliput, a part of Wayfinder, supports kinship families, particularly those like Rosa’s that form without support from a child welfare agency. In those cases, kinship providers do not receive state funds for children’s basic needs. We helped Rosa find a larger rental home and paid the security deposit. Rosa, raising her grandchildren is a gift “I tell them, I am so blessed to have you with me,” Rosa says.
“It makes me proud to see how the children are growing. One day they will finish school and have jobs.”

96% of children in kinship care had stable placements, were adopted, or reunified with a birth parent while they were actively case-managed last year.

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Dennis's Family Story
Why would a person fly from San Francisco to Switzerland for one night, fly back to San Francisco for a night at home, then fly to Frankfurt the next day? Three adopted sons! “I always knew I wanted to be a parent,” Dennis recalls. He and his partner thought they wanted to adopt two siblings under age 3. But when Lilliput, a part of Wayfinder, introduced him to Chris, Brian and Isaac, ages 3 to 7, Dennis knew these were his children. When his partner left the family, Dennis became a single dad with a demanding work travel schedule. “My tribe stepped in,” Dennis recalls, “and Lilliput was very supportive.” Dennis made dizzyingly brief international business trips to minimize his time away. His dedication paid off. Now ages 17 to 21, the boys have grown into caring young men. Dennis’ advice for someone considering adoption is, “Do it! Absolutely do it.”
“Once, I thought it was important to be related by blood. But now I know that’s not true because I am their father.”

91% of families in post-adoption services reported that adoptive children were still stable in their adoptive homes last year.

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