We had some time this week to catch up with Kelsey Dahlin, one of our RFA/Kinship program supervisors. She oversees a team of RFA and Kinship social workers in our Citrus Heights office. Kelsey has been with Lilliput Families for about 5 years and she’s worked through big industry changes such as the inception of the Resource Family Approval process that was implemented statewide in 2016. Kelsey is the type to lead by example, she still conducts fieldwork as-needed, despite the fact that it’s not her primary responsibility. By doing this she feels that it keeps her connected to the work and makes her a more grounded leader for her team. With the recent events brought on by COVID-19, Kelsey and her team have had to make huge adjustments to ensure the needs of their children and families could still be met. 

Kelsey has been overwhelmingly impressed with her team and the entire agency on how well everyone has really stepped up in this time of crisis to make sure there have been no interruption in services that are offered to families.

“We’ve pivoted very quickly from the top of the agency all the way down to the support staff.”

Very quickly the leadership team at Lilliput Families was able to create a plan for working remotely and the supervisors were then able to implement that plan to ensure there were no interruptions in services. Kelsey explained that for the first month, social workers were checking in with families over the phone or through Zoom at least twice a week to make sure that they had everything they needed. Some social workers reported that they had parents who just needed to talk because they were missing adult interactions. While other social workers were there to help families obtain laptops so their children could continue with their school work. Some social workers and donors actually came together to help one family even pay rent. This constant checking in with families and willingness from the social workers to help in any way they can have really attributed to overall placements being very stable through all of this. Kelsey also shared,

“we’ve all really stepped up to offer and do things that we wouldn’t normally do”.

For example, Lilliput Social Workers are now offering Zoom training for families, online support groups, checking in on children through virtual platforms, and even offering virtual play care ... which might be the first of its kind, virtual daycare!  As our conversation concluded, Kelsey expressed that she is so proud of everyone at the agency. She explained that “it’s not just our social workers, it's everyone from the admin staff to our donors!” COVID-19 has been a huge disruption for everyone and it’s been felt around the world, but it’s the unsung heroes around us that have truly kept things together. 

During the COVID-19 public health crisis, our services have continued uninterrupted. Our children and families need us, and we need YOU, now more than ever. Your donations will help assure that our children and families are safe and supported during this most critical time.