What is and who is Lilliput Families a part of Wayfinder Family Services?
In 1980, Founder Bill Fuser envisioned a better way to serve children in foster care and their families by bridging the gap between the public and private sectors, thus creating Lilliput Families. In 2021 Lilliput merged with Wayfinder Family Services to expand operations statewide. As part of Wayfinder Family Services, Lilliput's programs and initiatives provide a strong foundation for children and their families, and ensure that children who enter the foster care system are placed with lifelong families as quickly as possible.

What is the difference between a foster parent and a resource parent?
Resource Parents is a term used in California to refer to individuals and families that have completed the Resource Family Approval process.  Not only can Resource Parents foster; they can also adopt, provide kinship care, and permanency to children in foster care. 

How long will it take to become an approved foster-to-adopt family?
Your timeline may vary. On average it can take 4-6 months to complete the resource family approval process.

How can I get started with becoming a resource parent?
With over 60,000 young people in California’s foster care system, we invite you to learn more about becoming a foster or adoptive resource parent today. Our families represent the cultural diversity of our communities, and we welcome all qualified and nurturing prospective parents to take the  next step, including single parents and LBGTQ+ families. Check out out complete RFA Timeline to learn more about the RFA process. To get started now, fill out this form (https://www.lilliput.org/recruitment) to attend our next resource parent approval orientation class.

What are ways I can help out?
Investing in our children today will positively impact our communities tomorrow. The most impactful way you can help out immediately, is by making a donation to support our work with children and families. Please consider a gift today so that we can continue to change the future. For other ways to get involved and join our cause, visit our get involved page.