How do you become a resource family, or more commonly known as a foster parent or adoptive parent:


What is a resource family?
In California, a resource family is a new term for a foster/adoptive family.

What is the resource family approval process?
The process, now called Resource Family Approval or RFA for short, includes an orientation, a consultation meeting, completing the application process, and documentation of compliance with state regulations. For more info, see our full Resource Family Approval (RFA) Program Timeline start to finish

When do I get to adopt a child or become a foster parent?
It really depends. Once you become an approved Resource Family, placement can be immediate or take months, it all depends on how open you are and how flexible your situation is. The first step is attending the next resource family approval orientation.

Do we have any choice regarding who gets placed in our home?
Definitely! The decision to place a child is a joint decision. Your family, the child, and the social worker must all feel comfortable with the placement. 

Who are the children placed with Lilliput Resource Families?
Children are referred to Lilliput Families from county social service agencies throughout California. Most of these children have been removed from their birth families due to abuse or neglect.

Are there fees for becoming a California resource family?
We do not charge any fee for families wanting to become adoptive or foster parents through the Resource Family Approval process. There are also no fees for adoption placement or post-placement work. There is a small live scan fee of $64 per person that the state requires.

What are the advantages of being a Resource Family with Lilliput Families?
We offer training through ongoing classes and parent groups. Our social workers provide support services in the home. There is one social worker for every 15 children. As a small agency, you are an integral part.

When and where is the next resource family approval orientation?
Resource family approval orientations are held in Sacramento, South Sacramento, and Martinez. RSVP now for the next resource family approval orientation!

Can a single person become an RFA resource family?
Yes, of course, you can! Just as long as you meet all of the requirements.

What are the requirements to be a Resource Family?
The requirements, which are mandated by state regulations, intended to ensure a child will be in a safe and nurturing environment. Anyone who can meet all these requirements and assessments will be approved.

Can my gay partner and I become a resource family?
Yes, absolutely! In fact, Lilliput was one of the first agencies in California to lobby for same-sex adoption.

Join us for our next Resource Family orientation. Signing up for an orientation class is not a commitment to become a resource family, it's simply a place for you to come and learn more about the process and to see if it may be a good fit for your family.