Over 600,000 grandparents in California are raising their grandchildren – the highest such statistic in the country. It’s not just grandparents tackling this responsibility, but other relatives and family friends as well. It affects the entire community. Thus Kinship Support Services Programs are designed to provide support to kinship families – particularly those formed voluntarily, without the assistance of a child welfare agency. Rarely are families prepared for a situation like this. And that’s where KSSP can help.

Here's the positive impact Kinship placement has on children in foster care:

  • Relative foster placements are often more stable than placements with unrelated foster families.
  • Siblings are less likely to be separated.
  • Children maintain community, cultural, and family connections.
  • Relatives are often willing to adopt or become permanent guardians when reunification is not possible.

Here's the positive impact Kinship care has in the community:

  • Families thrive
  • Juvenile homelessness and delinquency decreases
  • Teenage pregnancy is reduced
  • Alcohol and drug abuse is reduced
  • Rate of incarceration decreases

For further information about the availability of KSSP in your area, see our full Kinship Service Locations.