Alex and Rob are from big, loving families. They decided to explore foster-to-adoption after struggling with conceiving a child, so they began the process of becoming a resource family (also known as foster family) through Lilliput, a part of Wayfinder Family Services. They told their social worker that their goal was to adopt a sibling group because they loved the idea of keeping a set of siblings together.

Their social worker called them one day and said, “I think I have the right match for you.” Less than 24 hours later, siblings Samantha* and Eddie* arrived at Alex and Rob’s home, moving from another resource family that was not the right fit for them. 

Alex and Rob bonded with five-year-old Samantha and ten-year-old Eddie almost instantly. Within a few months, the siblings were calling them “mom and dad.” 

Alex says, “None of us have ever looked back. We were ready to become parents and they wanted parents so badly. When we combined, it was like a magic formula. Now we just feel that they have always been our kids.”

Rob and Alex watched Samantha and Eddie flourish in their new, stable home. Eddie had been struggling academically. It turned out that Eddie excelled at academics but just needed support and stability. Today, he is in his school’s honors program and thriving.

Samantha had been struggling behaviorally, but Alex shared, “she just needed to feel wanted and loved and we saw her transform as she began to feel that in our home. We watched in awe as she found her own place in our family and she flourished into the most beautiful person.” 

After a few years, Alex and Rob began to talk about adding to their family. They knew just what their family needed: a little sister. Fifteen-year-old Eddie was thriving as the eldest sibling and ten-year-old Samantha loved the idea of sharing her room and being a big sister. 

“We called our Wayfinder social worker again. We knew that getting so specific with age and gender was a long shot, but also believed that we needed to put our wish out into the universe,” says Alex.

Just a short time later, the universe answered Alex and Rob. Their social worker said, “I think I have the perfect match again, but this is a complicated case and it could take years to finalize adoption.” 

Alex and Rob thought about it for thirty seconds and both said, “yes!”

Four-year old Emma joined the family and quickly slid into her role as baby sister. “She embraces her role and loves it,” says Alex. “She has such a big personality for such a little girl!”

After just one day with them, Samantha and Eddie became “Sissy and Bubba,” her beloved big sister and brother. “Sissy and Bubba adore Emma and are absolutely in love with her,” Rob shares proudly. “Emma is the sweetest little girl. It was recently Alex’s birthday and all day, she grabbed Alex by the cheeks and would say ‘Happy Birthday, Mama!’ over and over again.”

All three children have also been embraced by Alex and Rob’s large families. “Their grandparents endlessly dote on them; they are the light of their lives,” says Alex. 

When Alex reflects on their adoption journey with Lilliput, now a part of Wayfinder, she says, “I think that all of my kids were ready. Ready to be loved unconditionally. Ready to be nurtured. Ready to be protected. And we were ready for them. Wayfinder helped us find one another. Together, we are magic.”

*children’s names changed for privacy

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