In July 2020, we became part of Wayfinder Family Services. Wayfinder is a human services agency with expertise in child welfare, mental health, visual impairment and multiple disabilities. The merger with Wayfinder united two organizations committed to the highest quality in child welfare programs. As a result together we can offer new programs such as Youth Empowerment Services (YES).

Youth Empowerment Services (YES) is a work‐based learning program focusing on mental wellness and designed to empower our youth to learn, earn, and connect. Using a positive youth development framework, the program emphasizes opportunities that maximize engagement, mitigate mental health and wellness challenges, all while supporting the healing for vulnerable youth. Our youth are regarded as community assets, change agents, and influencers who have the power to improve mental wellness. The overarching goals are: the de-stigmatization of mental health challenges; assist youth in strengthening their resiliency; and to inform the needs of the community mental health system. Learn more about the services our youth receive through our YES Program.

Why YES (Youth Empowerment Services)?
Because we start by listening to what our youth are saying and asking for. They will learn how their own world-view and perspectives affect their mental health and wellness and learn how to turn their passion into action and build confidence in themselves.

Why Lilliput Families, a part of Wayfinder Family Services:
We are the place to turn to when people are facing the greatest challenges. Our vision is to provide culturally competent, holistic and wellness focused services that promote the community's understanding and care for the mental health of young people. We are dedicated to quality, community collaboration, and innovative services that strive to build healthy communities

Programs such as our Youth Empowerment Services are critical to fulfilling our vision of providing culturally competent, holistic and wellness focused services to our community's most vulnerable. Make it your vision as well, your donation to Lilliput Families, part of Wayfinder Families will help us reach more youth in the communities we serve.