The goal of Early Intervention is family stabilization. Our mission is to offer families in crisis the alternative to remain safely together, averting the out-of-home placement of children whenever possible. Lilliput services are short-term, intensive, home-based, support and case management services. Lilliput family specialists provide parenting education, safety planning, skill building and coaching for families whose children are at risk of out-of-home placement.

What does “Intensive Services” mean?

• A family specialist visits the family within twenty-four (24) hours of referral

• Services are provided in the family’s home or natural environment

• Intervention is intensive, an average of 8-10 hours per week for direct face-to-face contact with families

• Services are time limited (4-6 weeks in duration)

• Each family specialist only serves 2-3 families at a given time

• Specialists assist families with concrete supports, advocacy, parent coaching, skill building, substance abuse recovery support and intensive case management

• Nurturing Parent Program, an evidence-based parent education/parent training model is utilized

• Specialists ensure families are referred to the right provider when services end

• Families are encouraged the use of both informal and formal supports

Keeping Families Together

The goal of Early Intervention is to provide intensive services over a short time to prevent the need for deeper end services and to help families manage challenges in order to keep children in the home and families together.

Why Lilliput?

At Lilliput, we know that parenting can be overwhelming for even the most equipped parents. When parents don’t have the tools they need, are struggling with addiction or a history of trauma, they may find themselves challenged by their children’s behavior, or become overly authoritative or permissive. We believe that all parents want what is best for their children and that all children deserve the chance to live in safe, loving and nurturing families. Our services are trauma informed, attachment focused, and family centered.

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