Post Adoption Services are vital to maintaining the health of our communities on a macro level. It's also vital at the micro level for the mental health and well-being of our most vulnerable demographic, our kids. Let's explore what that looks like. We believe that adoption is a lifelong process, therefore our Post Adoption Services are completely free and available for the families who live in and/or have adopted in all of the counties we serve throughout California, like San Joaquin County.

When we establish Post Adoption Services in a new county, we first install a dedicated social worker to support all of the families. Typically, we setup a warm-line, so that post adoption families have a direct number to call if they need anything. We'll then facilitate a peer support and discussion group in the county, bringing other post adoption families together to share their stories, resources and experiences. We work hard to create these communities for our adoptive families and in return these groups act as a natural support system, reducing feelings of isolation and emotional stress, and encouraging social connections and authentic peer advice. We're there for the long run to ensure that these adopted families have everything they need to remain successful. We are there for our families in many different ways, we consult our post adoption families, offer trainings, teach parenting classes, and we provide a connection to resources & services. Our families are not alone on this journey, we are with them the entire time. For more information on our Post Adoption Services please  visit our Post Adoption Service Page

Adoption is a lifelong process and we are happy to offer free Post Adoption Services in the following counties: Amador, Butte, Calaveras, Lake, Mendocino, Nevada, Tuolomne, Yolo and San Joaquin, to ensure that our families remain successful, whether or not an adoption was completed via Lilliput Families.

If you're a family who has adopted in one of the counties we serve, we offer a variety of support groups and classes, check out our community calendars for events in your area.