Lilliput Children’s Services is committed to upholding the rights and dignity of all applicants, clients, and employees and treats each in a fair, respectful manner according to the highest professional ethical standards.

Client Rights

Client rights include:

  • equal, fair treatment including equitable access to services;
  • communication that involved persons can understand;
  • clear, explicit information regarding all fees or charges prior to services;
  • informed choice and personal consent regarding services and treatment options;
  • the protection of confidential information in accordance with legal requirements; and
  • advisement of fees associated with the delivery of a service being requested.


The agency maintains Grievance Procedures for clients to address concerns or complaints and allows for the timely resolution of disputes. Clients have the right to:

  • file a grievance without any retaliatory actions;
  • receive timely responses to their concerns; and
  • have their grievance reviewed by persons not directly involved in their complaint.

The agency encourages informal resolution between the involved persons. The formal grievance process is available when that is not successful or when a grievant prefers to utilize that option.