Karen Alvord is a celebrated leader in child welfare and has dedicated her career to foster care and adoption. She is the executive vice president and chief impact officer of Lilliput, which is a part of Wayfinder Family Services, one of the largest foster care and adoption organizations in California.

Why should someone consider becoming a foster (aka resource) parent?

Becoming a resource parent is definitely a calling. If you are someone who says, “How can I help?” in times of crisis, then you may be an ideal foster parent. I fostered and ultimately adopted my sister’s four children and will forever be grateful for the experience. I do not make a distinction between biological and adopted, I am simply a proud mother of seven. If you aren’t ready, there are lots of ways to help: volunteer, donate or advocate for the children and families of Lilliput!

Do I have to be married or a stay-at-home parent to become an adoptive or foster parent?

Absolutely not. You just have to meet the state criteria for ensuring that a child will be in a safe, nurturing home. This is a streamlined process at Lilliput and we guide applicants every step of the way. Any marital status and all races, sexual orientations, religions and socioeconomic groups are welcome and encouraged to become resource or adoptive parents. 

What's the advantage of choosing Lilliput as a foster care or adoption agency?

Lilliput has been doing this work for 40 years. We have the feel of a small, personal agency thanks to veteran staff who know the system inside out, but also the advantage of being part of Wayfinder Family Services. Our merger with Wayfinder allowed us to combine two dynamic organizations and leverage our strengths to access even more support and resources for our families. I encourage anyone who wants to answer the call to step up for our community’s children to reach out to Lilliput today