When Lilliput decided to pursue national accreditation, a lot of institutional knowledge had to be put on paper. The staff created a castle theme with avatars of each employee as they worked toward quarterly goals. They fitted Alvord with “armor” at a staff meeting. When accreditation came through, the staff celebrated as a team. “I always have this overwhelming pride when I tell people where I work and what my agency does,” said Victoria Jungling, a field administrative coordinator. “Even as much as we have grown, this agency has managed to maintain a family-type culture.” Lilliput pays 100 percent of the cost of employee health insurance, which includes acupuncture and chiropractic services. On work anniversaries, a supervisor will take the employee out to lunch. On birthdays, the executive staff hand-writes a card. “Little things like that, it blows my mind,” said Michelle Echavarre, a program supervisor. Lilliput recently paid for the entire staff to spend a day at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.