It's truly an honor to have one of our families named Sacramento County Family of the Year!


During the Sacramento County's Department of Health and Human Services annual "calling out of names" ceremony they recognized the Arespacochaga as this years Family of the Year.  This award is reserved for the family that went above and beyond with their dedication to family and community. The Arespacochaga family is definitely dedicated! Back in 2015 Lester and Vannessa Arespacochaga became inspired to adopt a child after seeing a commercial on TV advocating for adoption. They did their research and found us, Lilliput Families where they begin their journey to adoption. Lester and Vannessa quickly completed their Resources Family Approval Program, making them eligible to adopt and we quickly begin their matching process. Then in May 2016 Lester and Vannessa were introduced to Alex, a six year boy and his two older sisters Ruby and Toniesha. They were immediately drawn to Alex's sweet soul and infectious smile. Upon their first interaction, they were determined to make Alex apart of their family. Ruby and Toniesha were thrilled to have such an amazing couple interested in adopting their younger brother. On January 17, 2017, Alex was adopted by the Arespacochaga’s and his dream of a permanent, loving family came true.  Since adopting Alex, Vannessa and Lester have continued to maintain relationships with Ruby and Toniesha, integrating them into family activities while also serving as mentors for the adult girls as they plan for their futures. Just this last summer the whole family made a road trip together down to Southern California where they helped Ruby move in to her UCLA dorm room. 

It's truly amazing how determined this family has been to keep everyone together and it's such an inspiration at how kind hearted they all are. We at Lilliput Families couldn't be more honored to be apart such an amazing story and it's moments like these that will forever keep us going.