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Youth Empowerment Services (YES) is a work‐based learning program focusing on mental wellness and designed to empower our youth to learn, earn, and connect. Using a positive youth development framework, the program emphasizes opportunities that maximize engagement, mitigate mental health and wellness challenges, all while supporting the healing for vulnerable youth. Our youth are regarded as community assets, change agents, and influencer's who have the power to improve mental wellness. The overarching goals are: the destigmatization of mental health challenges; assist youth in strengthening their resiliency; and to inform the needs of the community mental health system.

What services our youth will receive:

• Complete 20 hours of either Mental Wellness Champions training or the Community Resiliency Model and 15 hours of youth-centered service projects

• Learn the basics of mental health and well-being to increase their mental health awareness

• Develop leadership and empowerment skills
• Explore perceptions and impacts of stigma around mental

health and wellness

• Identify support systems, trusted adults, and local resources

• Improve their communication and social-emotional skills

• Develop and discover their sense of self -"Who am I to my family, friends, community?"

• Learn about different stress responses and build on skills of resiliency

• Earn a stipend and/or participate in a group celebration activity at completion of program/graduation

Youth Empowerment Services (YES) are provided by Lilliput, a Part of Wayfinder Family Services in partnership with the County of Butte Department of Behavioral Services and through the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA).

For more information please contact us at: (530) 896-1920

*Referrals for services and eligibility criteria are determined by Butte County Behavioral Health