Since the implementation of Resource Family Approval (RFA) as of January 2017 in the state of California, there have been many questions surrounding this new process. Questions about what a Resource Family is, how long it takes to adopt a child in California from foster care, what are the requirements, and what does the process look like from beginning to end. The RFA process is a family friendly, child centered approach to approving both relative and non-relative families to foster, adopt, or provide legal guardianship to children and youth in the child welfare system.

Below is the full Resource Family Approval (RFA) Program Timeline start to finish. If you are interested in Foster or Adoption in the state of California, this is what the process will look like.



Step 1:  Sign up and attend an Orientation
The Orientation is a great place to bring all your questions regarding foster care to adoption. You will learn about the process,  requirements, and the role of Lilliput Families. It also counts as two of your twelve hours of pre-approval training. Don't forget to RSVP by emailing to come find out if RFA is for you.

Step 2: Set up a Consultation
Whether you have more questions or you are ready to take the next step forward, set up a consultation.  Consultations include a list of pre-set interview questions that assist the social worker in determining whether a family is a good fit for this process and this agency. It is also a time for the family to decide if this is the best process for them. It is always a mutual process.

Step 3: Complete Application Form and Fingerprints
After the consultation, if you are moving forward you will fill out the Application Form, purchase your Live Scan Packet so you can get Fingerprinted, and receive an Application Packet. You will then go get your fingerprints taken from an authorized Live Scan Operator. Then, the Application Form is turned in and the Application Packet goes home to be completed.

Step 4: Complete Training Modules and Application Packet
There are twelve hours of pre-approval training that need to be completed. Once the training hours and the Application Packet are complete, a social worker will be assigned to the family and the assessment interviews begin. These help to identify if this process would be best for the family and whether they can meet the needs of the children in care.

Step 5: RFA Process Completed, Approved, and Matching Begins!
All requirements, paperwork, and assessments are completed and you have been approved! Once approved, the matching process begins. Now the social worker will work to determine the best match between a child and a family. You are now one step closer to helping a child in foster care find their forever family! Thank you!


If you are interested in learning more about the RFA process and are ready to stand up for these kids, please sign up now by emailing to join us for our next Orientation.