Halloween is just around the corner and in the last few years it’s morphed into something slightly different than adults fondly remember. More and more families are moving away from hitting the neighborhood streets to Trick or Treat and are partaking in Trunk or Treat events. Huh?

Trunk or Treating is the rage these days, originating with churches looking to offer a safer environment for kids to Trick or Treat, it’s now catching on to be the way to celebrate Halloween. How it works is simple, participants gather in a parking lot, throw open the trunk of their car and distribute candy from there. If it sounds less than exciting, fear not. Trunk or Treating has become an oft visited Pinterest subject. This means now trunks are all tricked out with the best of decorations. Other attributes of Trunk or Treating include less mileage for kids to walk, safer than being a pedestrian at night and parents can hang out and socialize while kids are contained in a safe environment enjoying themselves.

You’ve probably noticed that some folks in your usual Trick or Treat spots have stopped participating. For a variety of reasons (age, cost of candy, fear) there’s possibly more dark houses than not on Halloween. Plus there’s the risk of not knowing who you might meet when ringing random doorbells. Trunk or Treating offers a sense of security because you’re engaging in a group that’s at least somewhat known. Whether it's at a familiar church or a well know community or shopping center chances are high that you’re going to be among like-minded folks. Another plus for kids is that some Trunk or Treat events are held prior to Halloween which provides the opportunity to visit more than one. Multiple events are a good return on parent’s investment for costumes to be worn and enjoyed more than once.

Finding an event near you shouldn’t be hard. According to The Federalist, a Google search of Trunk or Treat links to more than 2 million pages in less than one second. If traditionalists aren’t ready to go cold turkey on Trick or Treating, there’s nothing that says Trunk or Treating can’t be an addition to Halloween celebrating. Certainly the kids won’t mind.